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United Lodge Of Theosophists

Weekly Meetings


No fees involved and open to all.

Free parking. Weeknights and Weekends.

Wednesday Evenings Study Class 
(Zoom and Lodge)

The Dhammapada

The Tao Te King

The Friendly Philosopher by Robert Crosbie


Oct  2023

              4            Dhammapada- Foreword…>> …End.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg66. Letter 22                                              

              11          Dhammapada – Pg2. He reviled me…>> Pg5…End.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg69. Letter 23…>> Pg30…As Ever R.C.                               18          Dhammapada- Pg6. Vigilance…>> Pg8…End.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg71. Letter 24…>> …End.                

              25          Dhammapada- Pg9. Just as a…>> Pg10…End.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg74. Letter 25…>> …End.

                              Wednesday Evenings Study Class 

(Lodge Only)
Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms by WQ Judge

Thursday Afternoons Study Class

Summer Break Continues in the Fall

(Zoom Only)

Bhagavad Gita - William Q. Judge Edition

Saturday Lodge Library Open

By Appointment Only

Sunday Evenings Lectures

Summer Break Continues in the Fall

(Zoom and Lodge) 

Meeting Information

All books are provided at no cost to the student. Books are also available for loan or to purchase through the lending library or book table. Doors are open 30 minutes before scedhuled meetings for study or library browsing. Meetings start promply. You are welcome to bring writing or other study materials.

The Dhammapada Study


The Tao Te King Study


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