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United Lodge Of Theosophists

Weekly Meetings


No fees involved and open to all.

Free parking. Weeknights and Weekends.

Wednesday Evenings Study Class 
(Zoom and Lodge)

The Scope of Reincarnation by WQ Judge

The Friendly Philosopher by Robert Crosbie

              May 3     Scope- Pg87. Afterward…>> Pg4…body or being of Matter.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg3. Letter One…>> Pg6…As Ever R.C.

              May 10    Scope- Pg4. Mind is the Intelligent…>> Pg7…best and highest purposes.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg6. Letter Two…>> Pg8…As Ever R.C.

              May 17    Scope- Pg8. The Real Age…>> Pg11…consciousness being Invisible.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg9. Letter Three…>> Pg11…As Ever R.C.

              May 24    Scope- Pg11. The Stream or mass…>> Pg14…a little over.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg9. Letter Four…>> Pg12…As Ever R.C.

              May 31    Scope- Pg15. Who and What Reincarnates…>> Pg20…by the God within.

                            Friendly Philosopher-  Pg13. Letter Five…>> Pg15…As Ever R.C.

Wednesday Evenings Study Class 
(Lodge Only)
Patanjali's Yoga Aphorisms by WQ Judge

Thursday Afternoons Study Class


(Zoom Only)

Bhagavad Gita - William Q. Judge Edition

Sunday Evenings Lectures


(Zoom and Lodge)

March 19 - The Life and Work of Wm. Q. Judge  (1851 –1896)

March 26 - The Mahatmas 


April 2 - The Meaning of Easter                          

April 9 - Karmic Aphorisms                             

April 16 - Theosophical Evolution                            

April 23 - Culture of Concentration 


May 7 - White Lotus Day  Devotion for Helena Petrovna Blavatsky

May 14 - The Sevenfold Nature of Man                  

May 21 - Theosophy in Early Christianity                                                                              

May 28 - The Art of Renunciation in Action 


Jun 4 - Symbolism in Numbers                            

Jun 11 - The Paramitas, Gateways into the Inner Life and the Path          

Jun 18 - Apollonius of Tyana                                    

Jun 25 -  ULT Day  The Inspiring Work of Robert Crosbie 

Meeting Information

All books are provided at no cost to the student. Books are also available for loan or to purchase through the lending library or book table. Doors are open 30 minutes before scedhuled meetings for study or library browsing. Meetings start promply. You are welcome to bring writing or other study materials.

The Key To Theosophy Study


The Key to Theosophy is an 1889 book by Helena Blavatsky, expounding the principles of theosophy in a readable question-and-answer manner. It covers Theosophy and the Theosophical Society, Nature of the Human Being, Life After Death, Reincarnation, Kama-Loka and Devachan, the Human Mind, Practical Theosophy and the Mahatmas. The book is an introduction to Theosophical mysticism and esoteric doctrine.

The Ocean of Theosophy Study


The need for a simple, concise statement of Theosophical teachings was met by Mr. Judge with publication of this book in 1893. It first appeared as a series of newspaper articles, in which the writer set forth all the major doctrines of the philosophy, dealing with questions that might naturally occur to the average reader. Years of experience in the use of the Ocean as a text in Theosophical study classes have proved it a provocative approach to the Theosophical philosophy as a whole. It has 153 pages.

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